“Let’s Talk” initiative

“Let’s Talk”

We are pleased to introduce the “Let’s Talk” initiative, for all
Cheshire Mark and RAM Masons, to help support our
If you would like to chat to somebody, but don’t wish to talk
to one of your friends or peers within your lodge you can
contact Dave, an experienced and dedicated Mark Mason
who would in complete confidence be more than happy to
speak to you, and be able to assist access that help,
assistance, or guidance you may seek.

To get in touch, please email
letstalk@cheshiremarkmasons.co.uk and Dave we will do
his best to help or direct you accordingly, where he can.

From time to time, we all need a friend like Dave, so when
you do “Let’s talk”.


150 Years of The Province of Cheshire

150 Years of The Province of Cheshire

Although the shrouded history of Operative Mark Masonry begins much earlier, this story has its outset in September 1769, where we find the first written record of any working of a speculative Mark degree, when at a newly chartered Royal Arch Chapter, known as the Chapter of Friendship, held at the George Tavern in Portsmouth, the famous Thomas Dunckerley, son of the Prince of Wales (later King George II), Provincial Grand Master.

“Up to 1872, there had been no Provincial Grand Mark Lodge for the Province of Cheshire. The consecration of the Stamford Mark Lodge No. 148 in March 1872, now meeting at Sale, brought the number of Mark Lodges in Cheshire at the time, to four, the other three being Ashton District at Dukinfield, Benevolent No. 67 (now Benevolent TI) at Stockport, and Fidelity Mark No.31 at Birkenhead. With the addition of North Wales, it was deemed desirable by several eminent Mark Master Masons, that a Provincial Grand Lodge should be established for the area of Cheshire and North Wales. on 5th April 1873 therefore, through the united exertions of Brothers Bulkeley Hughes, W. Romaine Callender (who we mentioned earlier as the Mark Provincial Grand Master in Lancashire), J. Chadwick, Lt. Col Wilkinson, J. A. Birch, and Richard Newhouse, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Cheshire and North Wales was Instituted and Consecrated under the command of The first Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. The Hon. Wilbraham Egerton (later Earl Egerton of Tatton). W. Bro Newhouse was appointed as the first Provincial Grand Secretary (and indeed, he held the same position in Craft).

The combined Province separated in 1880 and The Province of Cheshire as we know it today, was born.

Mark Benevolent Fund- helping those in need

Mark Benevolent Fund- helping those in need

During their recent trip to provide humanitarian aid to the Ukraine by supplying much needed Ambulances and medical supplies to the Ukraine, which was partially funded by the Mark Benevolent Fund, Cheshire Mark Mason Mike Ross visited an orphanage in Chernivtsi, and was struck by their plight, and need for a minibus to transport the children to the nearest hospital some 30 miles away, and if needs be, to assist with any future evacuation that may be required.

Mike was so moved by their need and the conditions they faced, that he promised to do what he could on his return, and immediately started a new appeal to purchase a suitable minibus, and again taking Humanitarian aid and supplies to deliver it as soon as possible to where it was urgently required.

Following a further request for aid from the Mark Benevolent fund, he was overwhelmed to have quickly received a further grant of £10,000.00 towards the costs of providing the minibus, the target for which has now been met, with any excess funds going to providing suitable supplies for the orphanage in question.

Mike is now rapidly making arrangements to put his plan into action, and hopes to again make the journey into the Ukraine, in the next week or two, and we look forward to news on his progress.