Membership of the Mark Degree is open to all Master Masons

What will I get out of joining the Mark Degree ?

  • The Completion of your Fellowcraft Degree.
  • Learn about the tangible link with our operative predecessors.
  • An advancement in your Masonic Knowledge.
  • See what charity in the Community is all about.
  • Experience the real meaning of friendship.
  • Plus much more

The Mark Degree is Universally acknowledged to be “The Friendly Degree”

There is usually a Mark Lodge holding it’s meeting in your local Masonic Hall and you will probably know a member of the Craft who is also a Mark Mason.

This Brother will be more than happy to welcome you to one of the “Friendship Meetings” that are held regularly around the Province, presented to Master Masons as an introduction to the Mark Degree, or explain to you personally the benefits and the enjoyment that you can derive by becoming a member of The Mark.

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