Royal Ark Mariners

The Royal Ark Mariner Degree is attached to the Mark Degree and is open to all Mark Master Masons. This beautiful and interesting Degree has no historical connection to the Mark Degree although it is governed by Mark Grand Lodge, and as its name suggests it has a nautical  flavour, taking for its scenario the circumstances leading up to the Great Flood as recorded in the book of Genesis and the steps taken by Noah to build the Ark, by which mankind was preserved from perishing in the “Universal Deluge”. The senior officers of a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge represent Noah and his two sons, Japheth and Shem. Like the Mark Master Masons Degree, there is only one ceremony of Elevation. The Royal Ark Mariner Degree has some really beautiful portions of ritual, which are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on every candidate.
No Lodge Meeting Dates Installation Meeting Place
RM11 Joppa Lodge 2nd Sat 5 & 1st Sat 11  November Birkenhead
RM148 The Stamford Lodge 2nd Mon 1, 4, 10  October Sale
RM196 Cestrian Lodge 3rd Wed 2, 4, 11  November Christleton
RM327 Sincerity Lodge 4th Fri 1, 3, 11  March Hoylake
RM396 De Tabley Lodge 3rd Wed 1, 3, 10  October Wallasey
RM532 Weaver Lodge 1st Thurs 5 & 11  May Christleton
RM597 Stayley Lodge 1st Fri 4 & 10, Last Fri 2 October Hyde
RM622 Warren de Tabley 4th Mon 1, 3 &  9 September  Knutsford
RM705 Claughton Lodge 3rd Mon 3, 11 March Birkenhead
RM723 Four Cardinal Virtues Lodge 3rd Fri 3 & 3rd Thurs 5, 10 May Middlewich
RM839 Cornwall Legh Lodge 3rd Wed 2, 4, 9  September Stockport
RM868 Hyde Lodge 3rd Fri 1,10 & 3rd Wed 5  May Hyde
RM922 Wythenshawe Lodge 3rd Thurs 2, 4, 10  February Sale
RM953 City of Chester Lodge 2nd Fri 1, 3, 11  March Chester
RM964 Commemoration Lodge 3rd Mon 2, 4, 9  April Macclesfield
RM1024 Altrincham Lodge 4th Fri 3, 5, 10  May Macclesfield
RM1072 The Birkenhead Lodge 2nd Tues 1, 9 & 1st Tues 4  January Wallasey
RM1090 Ashlar Lodge 2nd Tues 1, 3, 11  March Christleton
RM1325 Leverhulme Lodge 3rd Tues 2, 4, 10  April Birkenhead
RM1445 Neston Lodge 3rd Fri 3, 10  March Neston
RM1468 Cheshire Installed Commanders Lodge 4th Thurs 4, 10  October Sandbach
RM1522 Tarporley Lodge 3rd Thurs 5 & Last Mon 10  May Tarporley
RM1609 Sandbach Lodge 2nd Tues 1, 4th Wed 5, 1st Mon, 9  January Sandbach
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