The Relevance of Mark Masonry

Today we would like to bring to you some information regarding “The Relevance of Mark Masonry & How its practiced and recognised in Scotland”
On the 17th September 2022, the Lodge of Dunblane no. IX will celebrate their 325th anniversary, albeit 2 years late due to the pandemic restrictions, which will be attended by a number of Cheshire Craft and indeed Mark masons, and to mark the occasion the lodge have produced a commemorative token, as shown below, which clearly is in the design of a Mark penny.
Of course in Scotland, and other constitutions around the world, the Mark degree is worked as a ceremony in its own right in a Craft lodge, as of course is the Royal Arch degree, with the degree of a Mark man being worked immediately after the fellowcraft degree, and that of Mark Master after the Master Masons degree, before exaltation into the Royal Arch degree, again under the workings of a Craft lodge.
Of course, under English constitution it is worked separately, but the historic link and relevance of the Mark degree as part of the rounded knowledge of a Master Mason is still available to all, albeit not automatically as in other Constitutions.
However, in whatever guise we practice the degree, it’s clear that the Magic of the Mark knows no borders.
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