Mark Benevolent Fund

Aims of The Mark Benevolent Fund

  • Disperse grants swiftly and without unnecessary formality.
  • Provide grants and support for Mark Masons and their dependants.
  • Provide financial support to worthy causes and other charities at local, national and international level.


Typical Beneficiaries

  • Projects supplying hardware, specialist items, scanners and diagnostic equipment.
  • ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ – help with provision of Mobile Chemotherapy Units.
  • RNLI – help to provide a new lifeboat.
  • Emergency relief, at home as well as overseas.

MBF Newsletter London Homeless Nov 17

Mark Benevolent Fund Supporting Cheshire

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Grand Mark Benevolent Fund Supports Warrington Scanner

Following the pledge of £3 million made to the National Osteoporosis Society at the 150th Celebrations of Mark Grand Lodge in 2007, bids were sought from NHS Trusts around the country for scanning machines and associated equipment.




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Over £150,000.00 Granted to two Cheshire Hospitals

At the last meeting of Grand Mark Lodge a total of £2.1 million was granted to support Hospitals throughout the UK to assist in targeting Prostate Cancer.






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Hospital armed and ready to fight cancer

SUFFERERS of prostate cancer could have recovery times and complications slashed by groundbreaking equipment donated to Leighton hospital.